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"Working on a wide array of films, Michelle was always able find solutions for the challenges that beheld the marketing of the films on which she worked. I believe there is no challenge that she can't meet head on and over take."
-Steve Gold, Partner at BLT Communications
"Michelle is a very clever, funny, smart and detail-oriented writer. We worked with Michelle at The Coffee Bean and she always brought her A-Game. I would love to work with her again."
-Ross Patrick, Executive Creative Director at DDW SF
"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle while she handled copywriting responsibility for Beats By Dr. Dre. This brand has a rather unique voice and tone. Michelle consistently captured the essence of our messaging delivery clever, on brand, on strategy copy ranging from traditional product descriptions to tag and step up lines for global campaigns.

 That is an incredible talent. She is an incredible talent."
-Daryl Butler,  Senior Director of Global Brand Marketing at Beats by Dre
"Whether applying her skills to storyboarding, technical writing or campaign development, Michelle's passion for the creative process keeps her committed to the chase. Good is rarely good enough."
-Krista Gill,  Art Director at Beats by Dre
"She’s discerning and clever, both in her ideas and her incredible talent with words. She has a wealth of both professional and life experience that make her an all-around interesting person, and an authenticity that can’t be beat."
-Joanna Todaro,  Art Director and Designer
"Michelle is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's smart, intuitive, and a great problem-solver. We worked on the Microsoft account together and she was able to create great work that targeted everything from a university researcher, to an indie game developer, but all with copy that was witty, effective, and on strategy. And to top it all off, she's a great person to work with and brings a great energy to any team she is on."
-Tina Montri,  Management Supervisor at Bradley and Montgomery
"Michelle's collaborative spirit, cheerful demeanor, and unwavering poise remained constant, even amid severe deadlines and chaotic circumstances. In short, she proved to be not only a talented writer and creative thinker, but a warm, charming, and determined person to boot."
-Tim Casart,  Creative Director/Head of Copy at Gogo
"Extremely talented copywriters tend to have egos. Or baggage. Or they are difficult to work with. Michelle is none of those things, except the extremely talented part."
-David Blacker,  Creative Director at The Woo

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