About me

Observing while thinking
                    while feeling
                    while creating 

I’ve learned introspecting not only serves as a cathartic exercise that helps me grow and understand myself in relation to the world, but it's the same insight-think-feel-create-repeat process that has helped me tap into the hearts of brands via human truths – from start-ups to household names. To create campaigns founded in soul. To help an audience, and the brand itself, better understand their place in the market. And what has always been my favorite part of what I do, to craft relatable storytelling that people connect over. Other than my passion for writing and advertising...

I love humans.
We’re fascinating. I fall deep down rabbit holes learning about the different ways we are while eagerly awaiting my bimonthly subscription of Psychology Today.  

I make noise. With my voice. 
Music is an inspiration for everything I make. I dabble in it myself by singing, writing, and basic composing / producing.  

I change my hair. 
A lot.