KeVita is a brand of probiotic beverages that encourages everyday healthy living. We wanted to expand on that and recognize how simple everyday choices can evolve into amazing things. Movements even. And it all starts within. We created a campaign that invited people to live their truth at full volume. Because now more than ever, we need to come together and cultivate something bigger than ourselves.

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The campaign, Cultivate Good From Within, was born from the idea that kombucha evokes a different effect for everyone - a visceral feeling that is hard to put into words, but it makes you feel good. Which affects the way you move throughout your day. Which affects the way your neighbor moves throughout their day. When you feel good, you do good.

At the top of the year, we bypassed the typical New Years Resolution promotion and instead proposed a whole year of positive resolutions. We created a social calendar that brought awareness to different areas (like food, art, nature) that conducted interviews with active participants cultivating good in those fields, posted about relevant events and daily tips on how to live well in small ways every day. All content posted on the feeds aggregate to a master website.

‍‍For social channels, we created Kevitaisms – uplifting, cheeky phrases of encouragement.

Through events and contests, the campaign fostered community and recognized people who are using their talents towards a good cause – whether it is within their family, school, or on a global scale.


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