Microsoft OneDrive Coachella

That moment you're recording your fave band sing your fave song when suddenly you're out of storage space - death! 

OneDrive teamed up with Coachella to help prevent moments like that and offer a unique festival experience. For weeks leading up to the event, we ran OneDrive's social media outlets - holding contests, giving away Coachella VIP passes, and posting never before seen photos of fests from the past - all while encouraging people to back up their phones with 3GB of free storage on OneDrive.

At the event, people could stop in the OneDrive tent to see photos and footage from Coachella's Time Capsule, play in the light graffiti photo booth, back up their phones when they ran out of space - or just charge 'em and chill in the AC. 

Inside the booth:


Microsoft OneDrive
15 years of Coachella
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Anytime someone posted a photo on social media using #OneDriveIt, it was automatically aggregated to OneDrive's tumblr account which served as a master source for all things Coachella.


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